Shoe Lacer

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Whether your little ones are starting kindergarten or getting very excited at home, tying your shoes is a huge milestone for every kid! Our Shoe Lacers create a fun, hands-on activity that will have your little ones practising tying their shoes without your prompting. Handmade wooden toys really don't come more beautiful than this. The quality and craftsmanship is just incredible, and you can feel the love and care that goes into each one when you hold it in your hand.

Our Elephant Lacer, Turtle Lacer and Dino Lacer are also available in our Play category.

Made from durable Ash wood with perfectly smooth rounded edges, our Shoe Lacer and Animal Lacer Toys are coated in a natural safe oil which makes them water (and slobber) resistant, easy to clean and silky smooth to hold. They really are beautiful toys and the perfect size for little hands.

Dimensions (approximate): 7 x 13cm


Please note: Adult supervision is required at all times. Measurements are approximate. Part of the beauty of natural wood is that grain will vary from piece to piece. If breakage occurs, discard product.