SOLD OUT Children Around The World



This brightly coloured wooden people set represents cultures from all over the World. The set includes 18 children donning the traditional garments and depictions of a wide diversity of cultures including African, Scottish, Indian and Russian to name only a few, these high-quality wooden people are perfect for pretend play whilst also serving as a prompt for children to learn about different cultures from all around the World. A great addition to any playset as children learn acceptance of different cultures, languages, families, appearances and lifestyles. The beautifully illustrated images are printed using non-toxic heat transfer technology and sealed with a clear matte varnish to ensure they look as good as the day you buy it!

Combine with our Happy Little Architect or Magnetic Wooden Blocks sets to make a culturally diverse village for your child to explore.  


  • 18 pieces in each set.
  • Comes packaged in a small Page & Pine bag to make pack up a breeze
  • Approximately 6cm high with a thickness of 2cm.
  • Made from FSC certified New Zealand Pine.
  • Suitable for children 1 year and over.

The Science Behind Cultural and Ethnic Diversity

Children who are presented with a more diverse range of ethnicities and cultures are more accepting of people from different backgrounds on both an conscious and subconscious level. The frequency with which humans are presented with things they don’t typically see in their world, the more a part of their world they feel that thing is. Research shows this happens for children and things like language, race and accent, just to name a few. A great outcome of the recent push for ethnic and cultural diversification of toys is that children are exposed to a wide range of people that our current world makes it very difficult to do (honestly, our kids barely get to see anyone now, let alone other cultures!)  

So in lieu of bringing your child to other cultures (which we can't currently do mid-pandemic), bring some of that diversity into your home. You can do this with our “children around world wooden” set, or you can do this through documentaries, pictures or books. As long as you talk to your child about cultural diversity, expose them to a range of cultures and ethnicities through any variety of mediums, your child will reap the multitude of benefits of a more diverse world view than their currently limited living room that they’ve been locked in for the last two years. 

Remember: ALL play is educational, even if it doesn't look like it to you. Play is a child's purpose. Play of any kind, with or without toys, is the most important thing your child will do. Today, tomorrow and every day!

Manufacturer: Freckled Frog