Workout Dice

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If you're anything like us (aka human), your new year's fitness resolutions probably didn't last far past January 2. That's why we've created our Workout Dice, to add some fun back into exercise! We're really passionate about seeing people live their best lives, so we've made it as easy as possible to get in a good workout, no matter how little time (or motivation) you have. Together, we can achieve those fitness goals!

These Dice include 1 x Time Block (or Number of Reps if you're really keen) and 2 x Action Blocks, to alternate. Simply roll the Workout Dice and perform the action that appears for the allotted time! You might end up doing 15 seconds of Pushups, 45 seconds of Planking, 30 seconds of Sumo Squats and then 30 seconds of Rest. Fingers crossed none of us roll 45 seconds of Burpees!


Each block measures approx. 4cm.

All of our natural wooden blocks are hand cut from sustainable timber and hand sanded with smooth rounded edges. They are engraved, so there is no paint that will chip and flake off. Then they are polished in our handmade organic beeswax and coconut oil blend, and come in a cotton drawstring pouch for easy storage. They feel just as beautiful as they look.