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Limited time offer - we are giving you 12 complimentary Personalised Wooden Height Chart Markers (birth, 6 months through to 1-10 years) when you purchase one of our Personalised Wooden Height Charts! Head over to our Wooden Height Charts to take advantage of our limited time offer!

Markers come in a set of 12 and include birth, 6 months and one for each year for ages 1-10 years! We also have the option of add on packs including extra markers up until 18 years of age and we've even got some for mum and dad (which has 'Fully Grown' engraved on the lower half) so the whole family can be involved!

Our Personalised Markers come in two different variations - rectangle or circle and all come with an engraved arrow to indicate each height accurately. Your child's name will be sized to fit the markers and the final design layout is up to Page and Pine. 

We recommend applying these markers to your height chart with superglue as this is a long lasting and fast drying adhesive. Markers can be applied using other types of adhesives however caution is required as these markers can pose as a choking hazard therefore need to be secured safely to the height chart. 

Our Personalised Height Chart Markers are made from the same wood as our Personalised Wooden Height Charts and come in a small P&P calico bag for safe keeping.

Markers are not a toy and should be kept out of reach of young children as these could pose as a choking hazard. If damage occurs, please discard product. 

Please note this listing is for our Personalised Height Chart Markers only and timber height chart is not included.

Part of the beauty of natural wood is that the timber grain will vary from piece to piece. 

Dimensions: Rectangle markers measure 3.5x2cm per marker and the circle markers measure 2.8x2.8cm per marker.