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Christmas Dice Gift Exchange Game

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Our Christmas Dice Gift Exchange Game adds an element of fun and surprise to your gift-giving festivities this Christmas!

How to play: During a Christmas gift exchange event (if this is your first time playing a gift exchange see example below), participants take turns rolling the Christmas Gift Exchange die. The result of the roll determines their actions in the gift exchange game, adding an element of unpredictability and fun to the festivities. Continue taking turns until everyone has played and unwrapped a gift that isn't their own.

Each side of the die corresponds to a specific action or rule as below:

  1. Keep your gift
  2. Make 2 people swap gifts
  3. Everyone pass gift left
  4. Steal a gift
  5. Unwrap your gift
  6. Everyone pass gift right

This unique dice game not only serves as a delightful addition to your Christmas traditions but also enhances the overall experience of gift-giving and receiving during the Christmas season. It can be a wonderful way to make your Christmas gathering even more memorable and enjoyable for family and friends.

First time playing a gift exchange? Here's an example of how to play - Everyone brings a wrapped gift. Sit in a circle and have everyone start with the gift they brought. To decide who goes first everyone rolls the die and whoever gets the highest number goes first, alternatively the youngest player goes first. The first person rolls the dice. Whatever number they roll is what they do with their gift (actions listed above and engraved on the wooden tag provided). Continue taking turns until everyone has played and unwrapped a gift that isn't their own.

To ensure it can be used year after year, the die comes packaged in our signature calico bag with a wooden tag attached and engraved with the rules - so it's easy to refer to during the game. The die is completely natural and cut from sustainably grown NZ pine. Measuring 4.2cm, they are the perfect size for your hands.