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Personalised Fathers Day Plaques

$29.00 - $34.00
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Our Personalised Father's Day Plaque is a beautiful keepsake for a dad, stepdad, grandad or any other special father figure in their life.

Little ones can enjoy personalising this plaque with their hand and foot prints, drawings, paintings or even a photo making it a very special and personal keepsake this fathers day.

There are 6 thoughtful designs to choose from (see photos above and corresponding quotes below) or you can write your own special quote/saying. 

Design 1: Take our little hands in yours and teach us right from wrong. Tuck us in and hold us close. We’re right where we belong. Tell us stories and show us the right path that we should take. Watch us grow and help us to know that it’s okay to make a mistake. But most of all, thank you for loving us. We want to be just like you. Thank you for always showing us that we can depend on you!

Design 2: We’ve left some little finger prints on just about every wall. On furniture, doors and windows, we’ve truly marked them all. Here are some that won’t rub off, to remember when we were very small. Because we’ll love you forever, even when we are big and tall.

Design 3: You will always be my (Daddy) no matter where I go. No matter the years that pass or how big or tall I grow. So here’s my little handprint to place upon your heart, just so you remember we will never be apart.

Design 4: To my stepped up Dad. You didn’t give me the gift of life but you sure did make my life better. The bond between us is an eternal one. It is not DNA, flesh or blood but heart that makes us family. Thank you for stepping in to be the Dad you didn’t have to be.

Design 5: I’ll follow in your footsteps and although my feet are small, I want to say that you’re the greatest father of them all

Design 6: Best (Daddy) Hands Down

Made from sustainably sourced Plywood and comes in two different sizes: Small - 20cm round (for small hands/feet or one child); Large - 27cm round (larger hands/feet or multiple children). 

Please note: Final placement of names/words will be at Page and Pine's discretion in the design process. This is not a toy and should be kept out of reach of children. Part of the beauty of natural wood is that grain will vary from piece to piece.