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Christmas Treat Game

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Our Christmas Treat Game is not only a fun and light-hearted activity but also a great way to share and enjoy delicious Christmas treats. It can be adapted to suit the preferences and ages of the participants, making it an enjoyable addition to your Christmas celebrations.

How to play: Start with a full bag or pile of everyones favourite treats (it's best to use a variety of treats with different shapes, sizes, and wrappers. Popular choices include candy canes, chocolate truffles, peppermints, caramel-filled chocolates, and more). All participants should sit in a circle around a table. Each participant gets 4 pieces to start the game. Remaining treats goes in the middle to draw from. Youngest player goes first then passes the die to the left. The first person rolls the die and follows the action that matches the number on the die (actions listed below and engraved on the wooden tag provided). Game ends when someone reaches 10 sweet treats!

    1. Take a treat
    2. Put one back
    3. Skip your turn
    4. Take two treats
    5. Give 1 treat to the left
    6. Take 1 treat from any player

Special Treats: To add more excitement, you can introduce "special" treats with unique rules. For instance, a candy cane could mean that the player has to pass all their treats to the player on their right for example.

This game is perfect for gathering family and friends for laughter-filled moments and creating cherished memories

To ensure it can be used year after year, the die comes packaged in our signature calico bag with a wooden tag attached and engraved with the rules - so it's easy to refer to during the game. The die is completely natural and cut from sustainably grown NZ pine. Measuring 4.2cm, they are the perfect size for your hands.