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Roll a Snowman Game

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Our "Roll a Snowman" game is a fun and creative Christmas activity that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. The aim of the game is to be the first person to draw a complete snowman - get your artistic skills ready!

How to play: Firstly everyone will need a pen or pencil and paper. Start by drawing a snowman outline. Decide who goes first. The first person rolls the die and draws the part of the snowman that matches the number on the die (actions listed below and engraved on the wooden tag provided). Pass the die to your left and take turns rolling. First one to finish their snowman wins!

    1. Draw a hat
    2. Draw the buttons
    3. Draw the scarf
    4. Draw the carrot nose
    5. Draw the eyes and the mouth
    6. Draw the arms

Optional Challenges: To add more excitement, you can include additional challenges or rules. For example, if a player rolls a 6, they might have to add a snowflake to their snowman, and if they roll a 4, they might have to pass their game sheet to another player for a turn.

This game is a fantastic way to engage in creative and artistic activities during the Christmas season. Enjoy watching the unique snowmen come to life as players roll the dice and add their own artistic touches!

To ensure it can be used year after year, the die comes packaged in our signature calico bag with a wooden tag attached and engraved with the rules - so it's easy to refer to during the game. The die is completely natural and cut from sustainably grown NZ pine. Measuring 4.2cm, they are the perfect size for your hands.